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A former firefighter/paramedic, Sean's first cooking experiences were preparing good, hearty, and healthy meals for his fellow first responders in the busy firehouses of suburban Chicago.  But that wasn't quite enough for the young many whose familial roots are half Italian, both Northern and Southern, and half....just Southern.  Food, and the ceremony that goes into creating great meals, was an innate passion for Sean, so it was no surprise when he enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu.  During his time at Le Cordon Bleu, he staged at Nico Osteria, owned by James Beard award winning chef Paul Kahan.  He also performed a stage with the Sunday Dinner Club, an underground dining experience, that due to it's popularity, is no longer underground and no longer limited to Sunday dinner.  The Sunday Dinner Club is owned and operated by Chefs Christine Cicowski and Josh Kulp, also the masterminds behind Chicago's Honey Butter Fried Chicken.  When it came time for his externship, Sean took a three month sabbatical from the fire department to travel to Orvieto, Italy where he worked under James Beard award winning chef Lorenzo Polegri, as well as Chefs Carlo Alessandro and Kim Brookmire at Ristorante Zeppelin.  During his externship, Sean further honed his skills performing all skills in the kitchen, which included not only cooking but making pasta and bread daily.  And when they weren't busy in the kitchen, Sean and the other students were traveling the country, experiencing regional food and customs, working in the vineyards at Chef Lorenzo's home, Casa Segreta, in Baschi, and even digging for black truffles.  The team gave cooking demonstrations for large groups and cooking lessons for smaller groups, and it was there that Sean realized his true calling - working with home cooks and people who share his love for food.

Mindy grew up in the heartland where, she laughingly admits, her love of food grew from her love of eating.  Her vocation, speech/language pathology allows her time to persue her avocations - food, travel, and photography.  And Mindy is no slouch in the kitchen either.  She is often found elbow-to-elbow with Sean, learning, pouring wine, and teaching him a thing or two!  She assists him with prep work, organization, clean-up, and turns out a mean cinnamon roll and an impressive pie crust.


Together they create dishes that reflect their upbringing, travel experiences, and own creativity.


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